About Spoken Barrel

Lush and harsh. Bold and refined. Washington is a state of contradictions and that’s why we chose it. Spoken Barrel is born from the rugged growing conditions of Washington’s Columbia Valley, resulting in high-quality wines that are easy to pick out, open up, and share with confidence. Spoken Barrel: rugged, refined, and proudly made in Washington – the 42nd state.

Spoken Barrel.
Bold & Refined.

About Spoken Barrel

Straightforward but never boring. Like that oh-so-delicious-yet-hard-to-pronounce charcuterie on the table. It speaks to you, and everyone else at the game night. So, here’s to the conversation being the loudest thing in the room. Here’s to the house parties where you actually know who owns the house. Here’s to raising a glass instead of raising the roof. Here’s to stepping it up.